The Fall (feat. Soligen)


Taken from the new ‘Forever’ EP from Formik, his first solo release on Souvenirs. Written and produced by Formik featuring guest appearances from Acc & Ben Blake (Soligen). He has created an EP that explores his memories of childhood and particularly his father who his name is taken from. This is a beautiful insight into his life, combining both the organic and electronic worlds to create a sombre and wonderful journey through pain, joy, despair and elation.



Souvenirs presents 'Unbroken', a beautiful statement that will challenge your thoughts on homelessness and what it means to have a home.
We're called to be creators, to be curious, to explore new ideas, old ideas, and the unexplored.

This time last year we got into the car and drove into the middle of nowhere, where we discovered the most beautiful scene for our next release.

Souvenirs EP

Just Some Guy

Very shy, quiet and unassuming are descriptions that used to associated with Just Some Guy in his youth. His debut release on Souvenirs Music is far from that.

A triumphant first offering from one of the most emotive story tellers to arise from the underground. This EP is about seeing hope in the ordinary and telling true to life stories that coax it out of people. These are the stories that would otherwise go untold.

There seems to be something lacking within our beloved music, a sense of truth possibly? You never really feel like the lyrics are personable, a stone wall amongst tree's. Just Some Guy provides that rejuvenated sense of living, a life of truth and honesty others hide from but he embraces.